Monthly Archives: July 2016

Brad Yates: WATCH: Needing to Be Politically Correct?

The question of being politically correct is an issue that most of us have an opinion about… and often a strong one. Whether you are a strong suppo…

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Noel Irwin Hentschel: Christiane Amanpour Exclusive Encounter: Who Would Mother Teresa Vote For? Trump Of Course!

The last time I was with the highly-respected international journalist Christiane Amanpour was on a rooftop in Calcutta for a CNN interview during the…

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Scott Stabile: The Truth About My Racism

The difference between non-racists and racists is the recognition, in non-racists, that the bigoted thoughts that sometimes pollute our minds–because of years or a lifetime of conditioning–are rooted in fear and ignorance, and are untrue, hateful and dangerous.

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